BurningCastle, LLC (BC) was founded in 2005 as a professional IT multi-service consulting company. From its headquarters in Rosslyn, VA, BC develops and markets IT products and solutions that simplify and secure the interactions of organizations and individuals. BC’s holistic approach to creating hosted, interactive and collaborative solutions combines exceptional people, processes and technology to make BC one of the better known small business providers of custom application development, Web 2.0 solutions and technical supporting services. BC has established an outstanding reputation for consistent delivery of best services and products to name brand industry players.

BC organizes its consultants into small empowered teams that foster an entrepreneurial spirit and links team members’ personal achievements with the client’s goals and the overall objectives of the project. BC uses a core corporate team that is augmented by a cohort of employees and independent consultants. Using this model, BC matches the right staff to project that meet the milestones without burdening the client with a lot of extra overhead. We posses proven expertise in Web 2.0 strategy and application development, Agile software development methodologies, custom application development and program and project management services. We also provide services in the development of web based collaborative applications, implementation of ERP systems and related tasks, business process improvements, and other general IT services and roles. BC’s projects range from small individual placements to large enterprise teams in development and integration. BC currently supports clients within the metro Washington DC area.

BC Consulting is certified by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) as a small business.
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