The mission of BurningCastle, LLC is to be a recognized leader applying innovative techniques in management, analysis and operations, to address the needs of our clients. We provide practical, cost-effective support services in operational advisory, program and logistics, acquisition and contracting, financial, planning and engineering support areas. We operate within a business and social environment that emphasizes the principles of  the 5Ps, and the practice of total commitment to excellent results for the client. 

Perseverance/Persistence – Never give up… keep moving forward toward the finish line and goals set out before you.

Perspective – Always keep your perspective positive.  You can always turn a challenging situation into a success with Perseverance and Persistence.

Progression – Move forward in all your actions.  Don’t seek perfection if it will only stall all other efforts.  Progression will lead to perfection.

Performance – We do what we say we are going to do and provide what we say we are going to provide always.  We guard our professional reputation closely and ensure that our contract performance is above reproach.  If we fall short, we work tirelessly to fix any shortfalls immediately.

People – We always treat one another (employees, customers, partners, vendors, etc) with respect and integrity.  We listen to one another with interest, we value all input and we act as a team to get the job done.



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